daring to take chances.


Temporary Hero has been evolving over the past few years, since first releasing the club record "Youth" remixed by Jerome Isma-ae and Mac Quayle, to "Ballet" with Andre Lodemann and then "I Want 2 Fall In Luv With A Human" and "Glitterball".

Taking a hint from an article he read by Calvin Harris where the DJ/producer talked about how difficult it was to write and record songs for his own voice, the artist, lacking any vocal training, decided to concentrate on writing without barriers, teaming up first with Jason Walker on the Billboard dance hit WILDJOY. From there the artist has enlisted a wide range of vocal talent to be able to create songs in the styles that inspire him.

"I never set out to stick to one genre. In fact, I decry labels... anything that restricts me." The artist remains without boundaries: after releasing the pop/urban debut album SUNSET PEOPLE in June 2016, he dove to the far left, recording an album of songs originally made famous by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby among others. And then it was a spur of the moment spark for the artist to jump headfirst into "Chet Baker Sings" territory. The album was produced over the course of 13 days in October 2015 and shows him taking even bolder moves into bridging the gap between the retro and future sounds of music. The album is brief - like Chet Baker's vocal catalog itself. But in this aural journey, the artist traverses musical paths peppered with a bit of reggae, a bit of doo-wop, and a huge dose of inspiration. Chet Baker rocks. And on and on.