the cover art

The aural experience of music always evokes a type of visual reaction in my, one that may be a still image or one full of motion. But every single song I hear prompts the creation of another need to express something beyond the sound barrier. That is where the visual arts, whether via film, still photography, or viewing a dance, play a role in the overall concept of how I like to create a project.

Though videos are an expected accompaniment to everyone's musical output these days, I chose in this project to focus on cover art. I love either shooting or designing my own cover art but, at times there are certain photographs I discover that just feel perfect for the song or project. 

I sought images that really spoke to me and each individual song. Rather than bias you with my reasons, take a listen to each track and form your own association (or not). I will share the first photographic choice with you, that of the cover image. Chet was known first and foremost for his trumpet playing. And Chet, because of his chiseled good looks, was of course sought after to be in films. This image, showing a man who is not facing the camera (so we have no idea if he is good looking or not), is also displaying arms folded behind him with empty hands. Now picture a trumpet in those hands: it's missing. That's because this album focuses on Chet's vocal tunes and save for "Born To Be Blue / My Funny Valentine (Prelude)" there is nary a trumpet to be found on this record.

Where the actual photographers are known for each image, follow the links on the home page as you scroll down through the images to learn more about each artist. All images except that for "I Get Along Without You Very Well" (from are from